Should You Consider Adding a Drone to Your Survival Kit?

Drone with remote

With drones getting cheaper and plentiful, should you consider adding a drone to your survival kit? Well, let’s breakdown this topic so you can make an informed decision.

When would you use a drone?

Depending on your survival situation, you could:

  • use it for surveillance in a SHTF scenario
  • get your bearings if you’re lost in the wilderness
  • scout for a suitable campsite
  • look for water sources
  • determine safety of urban or wilderness setting
  • send it out for help (by attaching note with your location)
  • look for food/wildlife
  • look for lost friends/family
  • determine alternate evacuation routes
  • investigate storm or earthquake damage
  • deliver (small) items to other campsites

The possibilities are endless and too varied for this post. I’m sure you have a few ideas of your own.

What would it Cost?Man with drone controller

Well, realistically, for a survival situation you would want a drone with a camera and live video. Drones with this equipment and capability would cost from just under $100 to over $10,000. Keep in mind you get what you pay for, or in other words – the more you pay, the better the equipment and functionality.

How big is a drone and what does it weigh?

Of course, drones come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They’re as small as the palm of your hand to as large as a two-drawer file cabinet, from just a few ounces to over 40 pounds.

How long does it take to fully charge a drone’s batteries?

Charge times can vary, but most drones take from 1 to 3 hours to fully charge their batteries.

How long will a drone stay in the air?

A drone can stay in the air from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. The more the drone costs the longer it’s flight time.

What is the maximum flight distance for a drone?

Controllable flight distance ranges from 150 feet to 1 mile. Most drones sold these days have an Auto Return feature, which will enable the drone to return to it’s original take off point. This comes in handy if the drone gets out of range of your controller, and will prevent it from just dropping out of the sky.

Drone view of woods

What kind of resolution can you expect from a drone’s camera?

Again, the more you pay the better the resolution. You can get drones with camera resolution from 720p to 4kHD.

Is a drone Wi-Fi capable?

You can get a drone with Wi-Fi capability and with available apps, you can control the drone with your smart phone. You can also record video and upload to social media, if you’re so inclined.

What are a drone’s limitations?

In a SHTF scenario, a drone is vulnerable to being shot down. It could also be tracked back to your location. A drones operating frequency can also be jammed. Other concerns are weather and short flight time. A wind stronger than 15 miles per hour will generally ground your drone. Plus, with a short 5-minute flight time your drone would have limited usefulness.

Personally, if I had the storage capacity and the funds to buy a drone – I would add one to my survival kit. They do have limitations but, they also have many uses and in a survival situation any tool that doesn’t slow you down can only be a benefit. What do you think?

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